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Effective Workplace Innovation for Your Business

Small Business System: 1 to 100 users

Effective Business Admin has never been easier or faster

Amazing time and cost saving by using Workflow Innovation Databases and Forms

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Tackle your Paper Work

FileMaker Inc. has created the world's most advanced Workflow Innovation framework. Business solutions made with FileMaker are secure and fully customisable.

Cloud based

Effective & Cloud Based.

Give your employees critical real-time information, no matter where their job takes them. Increase your business efficiency easily when working with the workflow innovation platform.


Modular & Customisable

All apps and software solutions are modular and can be customised to your requirements.
Create reports on the fly, make colorful charts, and easily build custom reports with a step-by-step assistant.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective plus High ROI.

The FileMaker Platform fits most budgets and is a great value compared to expensive enterprise applications or complex programming projects. Saving you both time and money.

Automatic Business Forms Modules

  • Dashboard

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  • Invoice Forms

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  • Estimations Forms

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  • Inventory / Stock

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  • Customer Forms

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  • Product Forms

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  • Calendar Forms

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  • Time Sheet Forms

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  • Staff Forms

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  • Asset Forms

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  • Job & Projects

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App module: Invoicing

Control Your Invoicing: Easily

FileMaker Workflow Innovation

Workplace Innovation Platforms Definition
Workplace innovation platforms are high productivity collaborative development tools used by both developers and non-developers to solve business challenges not addressed by existing systems. They allow business leaders and general staff to work collaboratively to build applications and automate business processes while innovating their organization’s digital portfolio.

The user-friendly interface of workplace innovation platforms enables non-developers to quickly produce applications using free-form visual design tools. For professional developers, these platforms facilitate full-stack development and offer the ability to fine-tune applications and expand functionality. Adaptive and robust app creation tools allow for instant schema production and prevent classic syntax errors and exceptions, letting businesses iterate on pace with their rapidly evolving business requirements.

While traditional programming and RAD tools remain in the hands of IT departments and developers, workplace innovation platforms enable virtually all users—regardless of IT experience—to build, customize, and maintain applications that evolve alongside their business.

Workplace innovation platforms allow teams to share information in real time on any device. They also provide tools to connect systems and services using API integration. These platforms allow users to adopt emerging technologies through extensibility without the complexity of traditional development and integration.

Beyond the technical offerings of workplace innovation platforms, many of tools offer extensive resources that include a global professional partner network, in-depth learning resources, and an active online community. This allows users to build off the development of other teams and share their experiences working with the platform. Many also provide integrated marketplaces of commercial products that help extend the functionality of the platform.

To qualify for inclusion in the Workplace Innovation Platform category, a product must:

Provide both visual design and full-stack development tools
Provide collaborative application management and secure communication capabilities
Facilitate cross-platform availability via on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment
Provide integration tools for connecting to systems, services, and platforms
Provide a partner network, learning resources, marketplace, and/or user community
Workplace Innovation Platforms Grid® Scoring Description
Products shown on the Grid® for Workplace Innovation Platforms have received a minimum of 10 reviews/ratings in data gathered by March 08, 2019. Products are ranked by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on market share, vendor size, and social impact) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: FileMaker, Inc. and Google App Maker
High Performing products have high customer Satisfaction scores and low Market Presence compared to the rest of the category. High Performers include: Airtable
Contender products have relatively low customer Satisfaction scores and high Market Presence compared to the rest of the category. While they may have positive reviews, they do not have enough reviews to validate those ratings.
Niche products have relatively low Satisfaction scores and low Market Presence compared to the rest of the category. While they may have positive reviews, they do not have enough reviews to validate those ratings. Niche products include: Salesforce Lightning, K2 Platform, Quick Base, and Zoho Creator
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iForms Automatic Invoice Composer

iForms create invoices quickly using the powerful products, services and CRM tables. Create invoices wherever you are. On-site, in the office or in the car …
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iForms Automatic Invoice Form (print or email)

Create invoices wherever you are. On-site, in the office or in the car …, iForms invoices a fully customisable to your requirements.
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iForms Automatic Business Reports

Easily create listings or report from the intelligent report creator.
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iForms Automatic Business Reports: Invoice Listings

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Why is this business software free?

Totally 614,000 downloads of this successful business software app have been downloaded for free within the last 9 years. At no Cost for this business software.

Why? Because it just is!

FileMaker Platform required.

The developer and provider of the great business software, Richard Carlton Consulting in Nevada, is a leading FileMaker based software development and training company. RC Consulting offers the best video base FileMaker training available.

So, how do we make some money from you when you download the free software package? We have been supporting this software for more than 8 years and offer you our services such as:

  • software customisation
  • hosting your software on the cloud
  • secure custom app set up
  • technical support
  • knowledge transfer
  • workplace innovation

1. What is the Cost of this Business Software Package?

Software Package: Free

2. What is the Cost of running this software?

Option 1: Inhouse Installation

What do you need to run the software: FileMaker 5 user license
Allows you to run the software package for a team of 5 users

FileMaker Platform NZD 1,320 Annually (this is NZD 22 per user / month)
Server cost: NZD 99 per month

Total per month/user: NZD 42
Option 2: Cloud Based full Infrastructure (use from everywhere, incl iPhone and iPad)

What do you need to run the software via the cloud: FileMaker 5 user license
Allows you to run the software package for a team of 5 users

FileMaker Platform NZD 1,320 Annually (this is NZD 22 per user / month)
Private Cloud hosting: NZD 129 per month
Server cost: NZD 99 per month

Total per month/user: NZD 68
Prices are from and plus GST and calculated on 5 user licenses. Ask us for 10 to 100 user options.

What Modules do I get by default?

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Available CRM Modules

  • Accounts (customers, clients)
  • Contacts
  • Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Jobs, Projects
  • Products
  • Expenses
  • Staff
  • Assets
  • Time Sheets
  • Tasks
  • Calendar

  • Documents
  • Audit Log
  • Notes
  • Mile Stones
  • Email Templates
  • Invoice Payments

Watch the videos!

Free FileMaker Starting Point from Richard Carlton

About FM Starting Point

FM Starting Point is a completely FREE FileMaker CRM, designed for use with FileMaker® 17. FM Starting Point is focused on small businesses, work groups, and non-profit organizations.

FileMaker users have been enjoying the benefits of FMSP for over 9 years, with over 641,000 downloads of the solution. FMSP offers an integrated approach to an integral need in the business world — a complete CRM that is ready to be built upon to create the perfect solution for your specific needs. Experienced FileMaker Pro users will value a FREE tool that makes building a new project substantially easier.

To save time on your next project, simply start off with a fresh copy of FM Starting Point. Then, add additional tables, fields, and scripts to fully customize the database to your exact needs.

FMSP 6.0 features support for the new features of FileMaker 17, including Master-Detail View and more. Additionally, FMSP 6.0 is optimized for WebDirect 17, allowing for limited deployments, purely in a web browser.

Watch this video to learn about FMSP 6.0's new features

Get your copy of FM Starting Point completely FREE now: Click here!

FileMaker Training Videos
Our recommendation:

For the best available FileMaker training videos get in contact with RC Consulting: We know Richard Carlton Consulting for almost a decade. What a cool dude!

Learning FileMaker with Richard Carlton

FileMaker® Server Support New Zealand

Business Solutions made with FileMaker Pro by Claris®

Claris FileMaker 19, the first open platform, allows you to extend the platform with sharable add-ons, making it faster for anyone to build modern apps. Use add-ons for AI-powered image classification, photo galleries, kanban boards, and more. Plus, create directly in FileMaker Cloud, or deploy on FileMaker Server for Linux.

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The Claris Platform helps you create apps that make your business better. Rapidly build apps you can’t find anywhere with advanced tech like cloud, mobile, and AI. Then connect them together with your other apps to automate workflows. Get help from us for:

FileMaker Cloud Hosting | FileMaker Development | FileMaker Support

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Claris FileMaker Pro helps you create apps that make your business better. Rapidly build apps you can’t find anywhere using advanced tech like cloud, mobile, and AI. Organize contacts, track inventory, manage events, and more. Explore Claris Marketplace for ready-made apps or find a Claris Partner to help build one.

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Claris FileMaker Server is fast, reliable server software used to securely host your FileMaker custom apps on premise and integrate them with other technologies. Get 24/7 availability and reliability, remotely manage apps with ease, and save time by automating administrative tasks.

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FileMaker WebDirect instantly runs your custom apps in a web browser — no web programming required. It’s a perfect alternative if you don’t want to install or maintain software locally and is great for easily sharing information with teams located in remote offices. Available in FileMaker Cloud and FileMaker Server.

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Claris FileMaker Cloud is your total toolset to create and share apps in the cloud with your teams, and integrate them with other technologies. It’s part of the Claris Platform — the ideal path to deliver modern custom apps that have been making businesses grow for decades.

© 2020 Claris International Inc. All rights reserved. FileMaker, FileMaker Cloud, FileMaker Go and the file folder logo are trademarks of Claris International Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Claris, the Claris logo, Claris Connect, FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, and FileMaker WebDirect are trade- marks of Claris International Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.