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Automatic Business Forms

Your Business Dashboard

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Each one is a section that fills the browser window. Keep scrolling.

Your Contacts Form

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This is a group of Screens Slides. Go to the next slide to see it in action.

Your Customer Form

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The optional menu at the top of the page/browser makes it easy to navigation directly to a Screens Page. There are many different layout options.

Your Product / Services Form

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Navigator buttons provide a flexible way of navigating through the site. You have full control of style and location. This page has a couple examples below.

Your Estimation Form

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Nav dots allow you to see where you are within a Screens site. Tooltips are revealed on hover.

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Animate content in when a Page or Slide comes into view for the first time.

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Centered Content

Automatically center your content vertically on a page.

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Autoscale content to ensure that it fits on all devices. It's magic but does not perform miracles. :-)

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